Blockchain Startup BlockVentures Releases Security Token Listing Platform

It should now be clear to all that data has become a commodity, and that its rise in value and importance is firmly linked to an increasingly interconnected world. The current scenario can be viewed in tandem with the rise of cryptocurrencies and increasing interest in decentralized financial products.

Unsurprisingly, therefore, there is significant demand from investors for information about security tokens, which are rapidly making utility tokens obsolete. Blockchain startup BlockVentures hopes to satisfy this demand and last week announced the release of, its security token listing platform, in what the company claims is an industry first.

Security Tokens vs Utility Tokens

Security tokens are pushing out utility tokens as the latter are increasingly seen to be inferior products that offer a lower level of protection for investors and companies alike. In short, utility tokens are becoming passe – deemed the last generation, rather than next generation. Security tokens operate quite differently and are subject to different restrictions. If a company wishes to host a security token offering or STO, it must fulfill certain conditions.

To ensure investors are shielded from fraudulent activity, the company involved has to provide a whole range of information. This includes the physical address of the company, a list of all board members’ names, and transparent financial records. Investors also have strict procedures to adhere to. For example, companies cannot sell security tokens to anonymous individuals. In addition, when security tokens are transferred between two parties, KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) laws must be obeyed. – Mapping Tokens

Aimed at investors, is a news and listing platform that gathers together comprehensive information on security tokens that have either completed their funding cycle, are currently in the process of fundraising, or have a fundraising schedule in place. Information takes the form of news and opinion pieces, combined with a listing platform that offers details on tokenized securities. According to the development team, will provide investors with a comprehensive set of data for every token listed. This includes legal information, STO amount, fundraising dates, business, and corporate details etc.

The brains behind claim the platform puts the power firmly in the hands of investors, believing it will open up new investment opportunities and enable more informed decisions, and aim to make an industry standard in this highly specialised area. CEO Antoine Tardif commented, saying the following:

“ will become the go-to resource for investors who wish to source investments in tokenized securities, and for companies who are launching securities to recruit investors.”

Antoine went on to say:

“Many users are confused about security tokens, and we want to make it easy for them to locate this information. We plan on differentiating ourselves by specializing exclusively in tokenized securities.”

Aiming High

It is a given that sensible, strategic investment decisions cannot be made without access to reliable, verifiable data on the company in question. It could be argued that data has never been more valuable at any previous point in history. aims to provide a safe and convenient platform for investors to check security token information before deciding on a course of action. If the platform lives up to expectations and achieves a solid following in the investment community, it may find a very bright future awaits.

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